Product Engineering

Product Engineering

Product engineering is the process of developing a design to be structurally suitable for its working environment as well as full scale manufacture.

Desitech use the latest advances in computer simulation to calculate Mould Flow Analysis, Stress/Stain Analysis and Thermal Analysis. These simulations help guarantee that the products we design are built for low cost, easy manufacture and reliable performance, what ever the environment.

By considering engineering design principles from the outset, we can create products which meet functional and aesthetic requirements whilst maintaining low-cost reliable manufacture.

Product engineering services:

  • Cost evaluation
  • Materials and processes selection
  • Structural FEA (finite element analysis)
  • Thermal analysis
  • DFMA (design for manufacture and assembly) analysis
  • 3D CAD solid and surface modelling
  • 2D CAD manufacturing drawings and documentation
  • Tolerance and dimensional analysis
  • Part design optimisation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Performance, environmental, quality and safety compliance

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